Privacy Policy

Online games have taken a firm place in the life of a modern person. The industry continues to grow rapidly, it brings in a lot of money. People have always played and will continue to play. There are many slots where you can earn a lot of money, and not just spend time. In the first place is the protection of the materials of the site and the user from hacking. It is necessary that the information does not leak and does not get to hackers.
This Privacy Policy text describes in detail how С works with information:
1. Storage.
2. Collection.
3. Disclosure.
4. Application.

Personal data

The company has the right to collect personal data of users by a variety of methods. Different clients come to the site, they fill out templates, while the types of activities can be very different, they are all provided on the site.
A visit to the portal can be confidential, information is recorded and archived only if it is voluntarily provided. To do this, go to the portal and register an account. Only then will personal data be required.
Everyone has the right to refuse to provide data about themselves. It is impossible to do this only if it contradicts the policy that is carried out by the portal. It exists at the level of world standards and reliably protects users from illegal actions.

Non-personal information

Non-personal information about users is collected automatically whenever a user visits a web resource. This section includes the types:
1. Browser name.
2. Type of digital device.
3. ID number.
4. What operating system is used.

Browser cookies

Cookies allow you to optimize your work in many ways. These files accurately convey the required amount of information. This data is installed on the hard disk, and the user’s behavior can be tracked using it. There is an option in the browser to prohibit the provision of these important files. Any sending of cookies is accompanied by a warning message. The user must check the files and the browser, there may be failures and erroneous sending.


С collects information and pursues goals:

1. Working with the site.
2. Improved partner service.
3. Knowing the requirements, you can improve the functionality of the web resource (processing reviews).

E-mail is used for the contact, the main messages are transmitted through it.


The confidential data collected must be securely protected. Any protection is always a set of measures. In order to meet the highest international standards, reliable methods are actively used:
1. Collection.
2. Storage.
3. Processing.

Security measures are applied to prevent intruders from entering. Including destruction:
1. Password.
2. Bank card data.
3. Transactions carried out.

Information exchange

С does not sell, rent or exchange information of its customers. Only general statistical and demographic data that do not reflect information about individuals are publicly available.
1. Partners.
2. Advertisers.
3. Affiliated Members.

Child protection

The protection of minors is one of the main laws. If the child is less than 13 years old, then information about him is not accumulated. The site does not work with such age groups.

Policy changes

С reserves the right to revise the privacy policy. At the same time, the user receives an official notification about upcoming transformations. To keep up to date, you need to check the page regularly. Working with the portal implies agreement with the company’s policy. All responsibility for the regular review of information materials lies with the user.
If the visitor does not agree with the policy, then he can simply not visit the site. All requirements and recommendations were developed on the basis of materials: .
If there are still signs of questions, it is recommended to contact technical support by phone or write a request. by sending it by mail.


The basic principles of information protection and the operation of the site were considered С . Come in, leave applications, follow the news. Write to the support service, ask questions, call the hotline.