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Legislation News of the Week: Curaçao Will Issue Licenses Under the New Rules, Holland Restricts… 

Curaçao will change the system for issuing gambling licenses

Curaçao Minister of Finance Javier Silvania stated that the island country plans to update the system for issuing licenses for gambling operators to increase profits from this market.

Once the changes are implemented, B2B and B2C gambling companies will have to pay approximately €4 000 as a license application fee. On top of that, they will have to pay an annual license fee of 12 000 euros and 250 euros for each month they use the URL.

To obtain a new license, around 450 gambling operators will also have to hire at least three Curaçao citizens for significant positions. Besides, these companies will have to emphasize the fight against money laundering even more.

Bulgarian authorities are considering amendments to the gambling laws

The Bulgarian Budget and Finance Committee approved the amendments to the Gambling Law proposed by the ITN party on June 17. These changes are aimed at regulating the betting outlets of the Bulgarian Sports Totalizator (BST) and the betting machines located there.

According to the amendments, BST will be able to accept bets on its own and at rented premises. However, the total number of such outlets in the country will not exceed 3 000.

Earlier this year, Valery Simeonov, the leader of the National Front of the Salvation, proposed a law that would prevent the state totalizator from using rented premises. The Bulgarian government supported his initiative but soon realized that about 1 000 out of 1 500 betting outlets would be forced to close due to this restriction.

Irish will no longer be able to buy lottery tickets with credit cards

The Irish daily newspaper The Irish Times reports that the head of one of the parliamentary committees, James Lawless, proposed to approve a ban on the purchase of lottery tickets from the state’s National Lottery via credit cards.

As of today, the Irish cannot buy tickets with credit cards only on the Web. However, retail outlets that cover 80% of all lottery ticket sales allow this payment method.

Additionally, the state’s parliament will be discussing new amendments to the National Lottery Bill in the near future. If the government approves these changes, betting companies and private operators like Lottoland will follow suit with other European countries and stop accepting bets on lottery draw outcomes.

Lithuania reforms the gambling law

A few days ago, the Lithuanian government approved new amendments to the gambling law. Under the new system of license fees, remote operators will have to make a one-time payment of €500 000 to the state budget.

It is also worth noting that companies that run land-based or online gambling establishments will have to pay €1 million for the license. When it comes to land-based venues, they will only be able to get the license after the approval of the municipality. As for online operators, they will not need to obtain such approval.

Companies that have gotten licenses under the Internet Gambling Act will have to switch to the updated licenses within the next two years.

Holland to restrict online gambling ads in 2023

According to the NL Times publisher, the Dutch Parliament has approved a bill to restrict online gambling advertising, which will come into force on January 1, 2023.

It is stated in the document that online casinos will no longer be able to advertise their services through television and radio stations. They will also not be able to post ads in any public places. In addition, the state’s authorities want to make sure that vulnerable groups of players and those under the age of 24 will not see any gambling ads.

Online gambling companies will be able to sponsor various events until 2024. And a ban on advertising at sports facilities and on jerseys will be implemented in 2025.

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