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It Is Better to Overspend on Media Marketing than to Underspend: New Research

The main task of marketers today is to find a balance between increasing brand awareness and attracting customers. It may seem not easy. However, Nielsen’s ROI Report shows that return on marketing investment on influencer marketing, branded content, and podcast ads is equivalent to such channels as TV and other traditional media. Meanwhile, social media produce 1.7 times more ROI than TV while demanding one-third of TV financing.

According to a report, just 36% of promotional channels can produce brand awareness and turn profits simultaneously. So, it is as important to pay attention to the upper part of the marketing funnel as to the lower part. If you plan activities only for the lower and middle parts of the funnel and include upper part activities, you may get 13%-70% more ROI. However, to reach this goal you need to increase your marketing budget. Otherwise, you have to grab money from other funnel parts, and it will cancel out all efforts.

Nielsen warns that there are also problems with underinvesting several marketing channels:

  • TV is underinvested by 31%;
  • digital video by 66%;
  • social media by 43%;
  • display by 60%.

The expert notifies that underinvesting is worse than overinvesting. It is preferable that media spending be 1% to 9% of the company`s income. But that is not all the problems with marketing strategies found by Nielsen.

37% desktop and mobile ads are not targeted by gender and age

That statistic is from the US but it makes you think about this part of marketing strategy. And about the importance of audience research, data analysis, and marketing experiments.

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