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NFL player salaries are no secret. It was well documented that after signing a new contract in 2020, Patrick Mahomes could clear an eye-watering $502 million by 2031.

But what about NFL referees?

If you’ve ever wondered what the average …

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If you bet on horse racing, there may be one essential thing you are overlooking in your betting strategy – takeout rates.

Many bettors don’t know what takeout rates are or how they affect winnings, so we’ve put this …

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After a grueling regular season, the men get separated from the boys, and it’s time to get down to the real business. That’s right, we’re talking about the NFL Playoffs.

It’s the goal of every NFL franchise, but only …

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If you asked 100 people to name an LA sports team, not many of them would say the LA Clippers.

This is because, throughout their history, they have been overshadowed by their city rivals, the Lakers, who have had …

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Dr. Jerry Buss was a larger-than-life character whose impact on US sports can still be felt today, nearly a decade after his passing.

Buss was an American
businessman and the majority owner of the Los Angeles Lakers from 1979 …

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Who would want to be a
referee? Is the constant abuse from fans, players, and coaches worth it?

Well, actually, yes. It
turns out it is.

Elite sport is big
business, so it’s only fair that the men and women tasked …

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