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Google Wallet Is Coming Back with New Features

Google first released the Wallet back in 2011. The app was used for online storage of credit and debit cards and as a payment hub. In 2018, the Wallet was removed from the Play Market and essentially replaced by the new digital payment app – Google Pay. In 2020, the tech company tried to refurbish the GPay service, making it more similar to an app like Venmo. Google even wanted to create its bank account. But the first rumors of bringing back the Wallet appeared this April.

Revamped Google Wallet will launch on Android and Watch OS in over forty countries. According to Google, in thirty-nine of those countries, it will simply replace GPay in the next update. In the US and Singapore, however, Google Pay will remain the main payment app while the Wallet will be used for data storage. And as Google Pay is so popular in India, Google decided not to introduce a new Wallet app there.  

The new Google Wallet will work as a storage space for credit cards, vaccination certificates, transit cards, concert tickets, airline travel info, memberships, and much more. Later this year, Google plans to add personal documents – IDs and driver’s licenses – to the Wallet. Android users will also be able to make payments with the Wallet anywhere where Pay is accepted.

Google Wallet will also be integrated with other apps of the company. Like Google Maps, where users can look for directions while topping up bus card balance.

At the end of the I/O conference, Google also teased the new AR glasses. Google CEO Sundar Pichai stated that it is a very early demo and the goggles are still in development. The company also did not specify whether the glasses will ever be for sale.

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