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Google Adds New Features for Users to Control Ads

Ads are a habitual part of any website or application. However, the users want to control it more and see how the advertisement personalizes its approach to them. Google has decided to launch a new three-dot menu. Generally, the users will be able to see who has paid for this and why this user has become a target.

If users do not want to see such an advertisement, they can use the features from this menu. Another important update is the My Ad Center, which includes the options of ad settings. In other words, users can say what ads they prefer to see on the web pages. It is probably the next step to the new experience.

According to Google itself, thanks to the My Ad Center hub the users will be more aware of all the ad targeting processes and tools. The users will be able to delete the brands from their personalized ad page.

Such sensitive topics of ads as gambling, alcohol, pregnancy, parenting, dating, etc. may also be under some restrictions from the users. It was launched to avoid the harmful experience of the targeting advertisement.

Google’s director of Ads Privacy and Trust, David Temkin said:

“We see personalized ads as valuable and useful — just like personalized movie recommendations, personalized news recommendations, personalized commerce recommendations.” 

Currently, My Ad Center hub is in development. It will be available at the end of 2022, most probably.

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