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73% of Companies Want to Reduce Office Space

The recruiter Hays has researched the recruiting marketing industry and posted a report. The main conclusion is that 47% of brands do not see offices as an important factor for effective work, especially in marketing. Moreover, every quarter, the company surveys the companies. At this time, the result of the survey has demonstrated that 87% of marketers prefer hybrid work and just 5% of them want to go back to offices full time.

73% of companies want to decrease the office spaces because there is no need for them anymore.

Considering the marketing specialists, companies are sure that they can bring the results even if they work remotely. Even a few years ago, before the global pandemic, the office played one of the main roles in the workflow and effectiveness.

The managing director of Hays Marketing Clare Kemsley is sure that the hybrid will significantly improve the teams and bring more success to the companies. He also added that the hiring managers were taking much more steps to attract the most confident talents in marketing. 

He also said that such a flexible working model will be a constant practice for the marketing industry in the world.

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